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About Me

My name is Waleed Fahad Alanazi, I am a full-stack mobile developer, data scientist, and a freelancer.

I graduated from King Saud University with a bachelor's degree in Data Science - Computer Information Systems.

I've been ranked the number 1 student out of all students who graduated in my major in the same semester, with a 4.69 GPA and a second class honors.

I invest my free time learning new things, and improve my skills with hands on experience. I love programming, developing, building interesting things that make people's lives easier and fun.

  • Birthday: 11 July 1996
  • Phone: +966 54 343 8863
  • City: Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
  • Degree: Bachelor in Data Science (King Saud University)
  • Personal Email: Waleedf112@gmail.com
  • Work Status: Fullstack Mobile Developer at SDAIA


These are my programming skills using my preferred languages, and my preferred frameworks.

Flutter (iOS, Android) 100%
Firebase 100%
NoSQL 100%
SQL 80%
Node.Js 80%
Working with apis 95%
Dart 100%
JSON Manipulation 100%
Python 90%
TypeScript 85%
JavaScript 80%
Java 80%
R Language 70%

These are my general computer skills other than programming and developing.

basic network penetration 95%
Linux 60%
passwords, hashes, keys penetration and testing 100%
Network packets monitoring and security 80%
Overclocking, benchmarking pc hardware 95%
PC Building 100%
Software troubleshooting 100%
Hardware troubleshooting 100%
Git 75%
social engineering 60%

These are some of the tools and areas that I have a good experience with.

microsoft office 100%
Video editing 95%
Source Filmmaker 40%
photoshop 75%

My personal skills.

Arabic (Reading, Speaking, Writing) 100%
English (Reading, Speaking, Writing) 90%
teaching and coaching 100%
Adaptability and Flexibility 100%
Positive attitude and energy 100%
Communication Skills 100%
Determination and Persistence 100%
Eager to expand knowledge and skills 100%
Problem Solving 100%
Creativity 100%


You can download my resume (pdf file) from the button below.

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Computer information systems - Data Science (Applied Computer Sciences)

Dec 2016 - Jul 2021

Bachelor degree (King Saud University).

I have majored in Data Science - Computer Information Systems at King Saud University (Applied Computer Sciences), and I've been ranked number 1 out of all students who graduated in my major at that semester, with GPA 4.69 and a second class honors.

Cisco Networking Academy - NDG Linux Essentials

Sep 2021 - Dec 2021

(Cisco Networking Academy).

Linux Essentials Professional Development Certificate from the Linux Professional Institute (LPI).

Rise program scholarship - Programming for Data Science

Sep 2022 - Dec 2022

Nano Degree (Saudi Digital Acadimy).

Uncover patterns and insights in large data sets using Python, running queries with relational databases, and working with Unix shell and Git.

ITIL 4 Foundation

Oct 2023


A certification that introduces professionals to the ITIL framework and enhances their quality of IT Management Services.


Saudi Authority for Data and Artificial Intelligence (SDAIA)

Oct 2023 - Present

Mid-level Mobile Engineer

Currently contributing as a Mid-Level Flutter Developer on the Deem Mail project, I play a pivotal role in the ongoing development and enhancement of the project, showcasing my ability to thrive in a collaborative and fast-paced setting.

Riyadh Chamber of Commerce

Jan 2023 - Oct 2023

Fullstack Mobile Developer

As the lead Flutter developer, Worked on Riyadh Chamber's MyBusiness app using Flutter, Dart, and .NET backend. Collaborating closely with a cross-functional team, setting a solid foundation for my career in mobile app development.

Ministry of Education (MOE)

Feb 2022 - Jan 2023

Fullstack Mobile Developer

Worked as a full-stack mobile developer on a project that consisted of two mobile apps, using Flutter, Dart, Parse-platform server, Node.js, Redis, and MongoDB. I successfully transformed conceptual ideas into fully functional, user-friendly apps.

King Abdulaziz City for Science and Technology (KACST)

Jan 2021 - Jul 2021

CO-OP Internship At KACST

Worked on a Natural language processing (NLP) machine learning project, as a Research assistant.


Release Of "Shunt" App

Apr 2021

Released the app "My Shunt" on both platforms Android and iOS.

Built an app as a freelancer for a Pediatric Neurologist, the app helps patients suffering from hydrocephalus to deal with the shunt systems.

Saudi Arabia’s Smart License-Plates (SASL) System

Apr 2021

Graduation project.

A complete system built using hardware (Raspberry Pi, RFID RC522 Chip Reader/Writer, and NTAG215 RFID Tags), and software (Firebase's Firestore, Cloud Functions, Flutter).

The project was completed successfully by the end of the semester, with an "A+" grade.

The purpose of this system is to solve some of the problems in existing traffic systems, and to reduce the costs and time by automating the workflow of SAHER’s system.

Contribution to "BusinessGo"

May 2021

Contributed in technical terms into the award winning app "BusinessGo" on both platforms Android and iOS.

Worked internally with the BusinessGo team during development on bug fixes, testing, and giving insight into using Flutter Framework and Firebase services.

@business__go on twitter

Google developer student club solution challenge


Participated in Google Developer Student Club Solution Challenge 2020.

Presented and worked on smart license plates using RFID technology that solves Saudi Arabia's traffic issue, the same project was completed as my graduation project in university.

Release Of "My University" App

Jan 2019

Released the app on both platforms Android and iOS with nearly 50,000 users.

The app helps university students to build their lectures weekly table before the start of each semester.

World Robot Olympiad


Advanced Team Competitor

Participated in World Robot Olympiad Competition 2019 in Riyadh at Prince Faisal ibn Fahd Olympic Complex on behalf of General Computer Sciences Muzahmia.

My Work

My University

Screenshots of my app "My University" demonstrating my ability to build beautiful UI and UX.

You can check out my app using the following buttons on Google Play and Apple AppStore.


You can check out my app using the following buttons on Google Play and Apple AppStore.


My graduation project, unfortunately not available for download!